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Double Circle Dangle Studs



Crafted from 14K gold, these go-with-everything, double disc drop earrings are versatile enough for daily wear. With both a stud component and dangling disc component, this style offers some playful movement without distracting from your stacked ear look.

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14k Gold
Under $500

About The Artist: Jaine K

Jaine first started making jewelry in 2012 with beads and wire wrapping. After some time she wanted to design and create more personal pieces and found the “Lost Wax” process. Like sculpting in wax this gives her pieces a more organic and unique look. Drawing inspiration from both nature and history, as well as using a unique process, no two pieces are completely alike.

Whether you want a statement piece or an everyday piece the Jaine K. collection has something for you and we’re excited to share it with you.

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