ABOUT US | Moondance Jewelry


Owner, Orly Ohebsion, has been cultivating the welcoming atmosphere of Moondance Jewelry Gallery since 1996. Since owning the business, Moondance has been a Montana Avenue shopping staple for 25 years. Our selection of jewelry showcases everything from one-of-a-kind pieces to modern staples as well as our expertly-curated line, Yasmeen.

Moondance Jewelry Gallery strives to inspire our clients to embrace their own laws of fashion while providing an intimate shopping experience they know and love. We aim to effortlessly evolve with our clients with each and every moon. With a client base ranging from local regulars to noteworthy celebrities, InStore Magazine voted Moondance Jewelry Gallery one of America's coolest stores in 2012. Moondance continues to lead the way as Santa Monica's premier boutique destination for fashion-forward accessories.


        Learn more about Moondance Jewelry Gallery in this intimate interview with Orly.