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Hello Darling

Designer: Jurate

Jūratė Brown is a Lithuanian born Los Angeles-based jewelry designer and metalsmith who has had a love for design since an early age. Growing up in a communist country, fashion and design were almost non-existent. Jūratė began making the designs she coveted for herself at a young age, developing skills that later led to her talent as a jewelry maker.

Being Jūratė’s biggest fan, SoCal native (and jewelry obsessed entrepreneur) Johnna Green, suggested that they become partners… and Jūratė said Yes! In December of 2016, they made their partnership official and Jūratė and Johnna became partners (at times it seems more like wives). Blending their two cultures together they have created a playful, statement-making, on- trend line keeping quality and sustainability in mind within every piece of jewelry they design.


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  • Harper Hoops

  • Lil Bia Hoops

  • Hello Darling