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Designer: Hortense

Hortense designs and crafts jewelry that doesn’t follow trends: her unique aesthetic is a delicate balance of Paris and Los Angeles, reflecting her own transatlantic experience. Her design philosophy is focused on playful surprises that will speak to her customers, incorporating her passion for animals and her love of fun designs that are sure to inspire delight.


  • Star Necklace

  • Majorette Earrings

  • The Big Heart Necklace

  • Solitaire Bracelet

  • Solitaire Necklace

  • The Mini Mini Me Bracelet-Trio Diamonds

  • The Mini mini Me Bracelet-1 Diamond

  • Je t’aime Bracelet-Diamond

  • The Mini-Mini Me Pearl Necklace

  • Paper Clip Studs

  • The Double D/Pink Sapphire + Diamond