Turquoise: December’s Birthstone

If you were born in December, you might know that turquoise is the traditional birthstone of the month! This blue-green gem always grabs the attention and has many varieties—from sky blue Persian turquoise to blue-green Chinese turquoise to turquoise with black “veins” adding to its mystery and texture.  Turquoise is beautiful as well as historic […]

Best Jewelry Styles for Resort Wear

Summer may be coming to a close, but there’s still plenty of time to take the vacation of your dreams. One of our favorite travel destinations, especially for long summer trips – is an all-inclusive luxury resort. We’re imagining Bali, Turks and Caicos, Costa Rica, Hawaii – anything you can imagine.  A resort getaway is […]

Jewelry We’ve Selected for the Summer of Weddings

According to the Wedding Report, a trade group that gathers data through a survey of vendors and consumers, nearly 2.5 million weddings are expected to happen this year alone. It’s the highest number of weddings since 1984. Many couples had been forced to postpone their celebrations due to the COVID pandemic. And now, future newlyweds […]

Magical Moonstone Jewelry for June Birthdays

A symbol of inner growth and strength, moonstone is also one of three June birthstones along with pearl and alexandrite. Some people even believe that moonstone is closely connected to the moon and its feminine energy. Moonstone jewelry is definitely a Moondance Jewelry Gallery favorite – and not just because we both have “moon” in […]

Styles We Love – Emeralds and Huggies

Spring is the perfect time of the year to upgrade your jewelry collection. Two of the spring jewelry styles we can’t get enough of are emeralds and huggies.  Emerald is May’s birthstone, symbolizing rebirth, vitality, health, and wealth. This, coupled with its beautiful bright green color, make it a stunning choice for springtime. We’re obsessed […]

Diamonds are for April – and Forever

The diamond is April’s birthstone, but anyone – regardless of birth month – can wear and enjoy this amazing and rare “girl’s best friend”. Not only will diamond jewelry add sparkle and shine to any outfit, but they’re also pretty impressive. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth, making them perfect for daily wear. […]

Welcome Spring With These Spring Jewelry Styles

Spring is a time to shed winter layers and show more jewelry. Lose long sleeves for bracelet stacks, trade turtlenecks for necklace layers, and take off hats for earrings.  Our favorite spring jewelry styles feature bright colors, floral motifs, and symbolic talismans. It’s a time for growth, renewal, and hope. Why not add some new […]

5 Tips for Traveling With Jewelry

We love the idea of planning a getaway for the winter months as we pull extra layers and puffer jackets from our closets. We find ourselves longing for vacation in Cabo, somewhere warm to finally show off our pedicures! Even in Santa Monica, the nights can get chilly, inspiring us to dream of warmer destinations! […]

Summer Wedding Sparkle

It’s officially summer wedding season! Celebrate this joyful occasion with something sparkly. We hand-picked our favorite gems for you on your special day – and for the people by your side as you walk down the aisle. Find perfect pieces for yourself and sentimental gifts for your adored maid of honor, bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Don’t forget […]

January Birthstone: Garnet

Happy new year – and happy birthday to our January babies! Start off the new year right by adding a juicy garnet to your jewelry collection. Garnet is widely seen in shades of red, but it can also be found in a rainbow of greens, oranges, pinks and blues. It’s known for bringing positive energy towards peace, prosperity and good […]