Meet Our Designer, Kanwar

It’s time to introduce you to another one of the creative designers we carry here at Moondance Jewelry Gallery. One of the things that sets Kanwar Creations apart is that each of his pieces are one of a kind. Because of this many of his pieces will be found in-store only, so be sure to […]

Meet Our Newest Designer, Hortense

We are so excited to introduce you to the newest designer here at our Santa Monica Jewelry Gallery, Hortense! We know you’ll love fall in love with her gorgeous yellow gold fine jewelry pieces and want to add them to your collection. Below are some questions we asked her so that you could get to […]

Meet La Kaiser

We’re so excited to introduce you to the woman behind La Kaiser, Cindy Kaiser. We love sharing her unique, travel-inspired jewelry with all of you, and look forward to sharing more exclusives, like our La Kaiser x Moondance Opal & Diamond Doublet Studs. When did you start making jewelry and what first inspired you? I’ve […]

Meet Shain Leyton

We are so excited to introduce you to Shain Leyton, the designer, founder and CEO of Shain Leyton Jewelry. You can watch and listen to the answers of the questions we asked her, or you can read what she said below. As another local LA designer, and past-employee of Moondance Jewelry Gallery, we love featuring […]

Meet Jaine K.

We’re excited to share with you more information about the designers we carry here at Moondance. Starting with Jaine K. each month we’ll be asking the designers we love a little more about them and what inspires them. We hope you’ll get to know them a bit better and understand why we want to share […]

Designer Spotlight: Sophie Ratner

We chatted with Sophie Ratner, a New York City jewelry designer who creates pieces for the everyday woman who wants to live in her jewelry day in and day out. Sophie’s journey as an artist began in painting, and quickly transformed into jewelry design when she realized her passion was to create wearable art. The rest is history. Sophie spills […]

Designer Spotlight: Lumo

We chatted with Lucia Mouet, the designer behind the dainty, effortless jewelry line Lumo. Based in San Diego, Lumo began as a personal hobby and has now grown into a successful business where Lucia just opened her first retail location. Read more to learn about Lucia’s creative process, favorite California getaway and three things she can’t live without! How did Lumo begin? […]

Designer Spotlight: elle+cie

For this month’s Designer Spotlight, we chatted with the lovely ladies behind elle+cie. Founded in 2011, elle+cie has quickly become our go-to line of delicate 14K and 18K jewelry. Perfect for every day, their pieces are best sellers in the shop, so we just couldn’t wait to meet the faces behind the brand. Read on […]

Designer Spotlight: Kothari

For this month’s designer spotlight, we chatted with Tej Kothari, the man behind this clean, modern, and ultra-inspiring line of jewelry. Designed for beauty, balance, and wearability, all Kothari pieces are hand-selected, custom-cut, and crafted with meticulous detail. Read on to learn more about Tej’s creative process, favorite vacation spots, and more.

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Designer Spotlight: Ariel Gordon

Handmade in Los Angeles, Ariel Gordon Jewelry consists of highly personal pieces designed to be worn together and collected overtime. Worn by beauties such as Miranda Kerr, Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez and Jessica Alba, Gordon’s pieces focus on the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

We were lucky enough to chat with the designer herself about everything from how to keep necklaces from tangling to her creative process to her favorite wine. Read on, and prepare to get inspired.

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