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Designer Spotlight: Lionette

We had the chance to chat with Noa Sade and Vanessa Lee, best friends and owners of Lionette. Born in 2009 with a vision of creating a brand and collection that was both glamorous and unique, Lionette’s pieces are perfect for daytime, nighttime, and everything in between.

Read on to see what these inspiring ladies had to say about everything from this season’s hottest trends to their creative process to their go-to vacation spots.

You’re all about the statement piece. What’s the best way to wear these larger-than-life styles?
We usually like to wear a statement necklace and stay away from prints. Every solid color will look great with a statement necklace. We also love a deep neckline to allow the necklace to really shine.

How did Lionette come about?
We became good friends the instant we met. Noa’s background is in design and mine [Vanessa] is in fashion. We realized quickly that we had a lot in common and that we would make great business partners, so we decided to start our own brand. Lionette is a made up name but it stems from the Lioness, who is wild and untamed.

Tell us a little about your creative process.
The process for us is about going inside and imagining, imagining, imagining. We envision the stones, shapes, and colors combined with all of you beautiful women.

Both of you are so different. Why does your partnership work?
We’re very different, but our core values are the same – we’re positive and have a good outlook on life. Our partnership works because we focus on our individual strengths and what we love and are good at doing. Ultimately, we have each other’s happiness in mind.

What are this season’s biggest trends?
Pearls, feminine and sophisticated color palettes, and mixed metals.

When did you feel that you finally made it?
We still don’t feel like we’ve made it. We’re constantly striving to grow and challenge ourselves. Making it for us is ensuring our Lionette family is happy, fulfilled, and smiling, but it’s also always nice to see women in real life wearing our pieces.

Favorite coffee drink?
Vanessa: My homemade organic coffee with soy milk and honey.
Noa: A Machinetta!

Favorite way to get pampered?
A good, authentic massage and spa.

Go-to piece from your fall collection?
Vanessa: The Juliette Pearl and Swarovski Pendant necklace & the Tenerif Earrings.
Noa: The Tenerif Earrings.

Favorite wine?
Vanessa: Moscato D’Asti.
Noa: Australian Shiraz.

Who inspires you?
Vanessa: Happy people.
Noa: People who follow their heart and just do it. I also admire Albert Einstein, Frida Khalo, and Erikah Badu.

Most-loved travel destination?
Vanessa: Too hard to choose! But it’s between Tulum, Thailand, and Italy.
Noa: Tulum!

What’s next for Lionette?
Both: We have so many surprises for you, so stay tuned!