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Designer Spotlight: Lumo

We chatted with Lucia Mouet, the designer behind the dainty, effortless jewelry line Lumo. Based in San Diego, Lumo began as a personal hobby and has now grown into a successful business where Lucia just opened her first retail location. Read more to learn about Lucia’s creative process, favorite California getaway and three things she can’t live without!

How did Lumo begin?
LUMO grew from my own desire to find dainty, everyday pieces of fine jewelry. There is so much beautiful jewelry in the market, but I was having difficulty finding simple, elegant pieces that I could easily wear every day. Hand-crafting pieces for myself eventually turned into my life’s passion, to share my designs with others.


Tell us about your creative process.
All of LUMO’s pieces are designed to be versatile enough to compliment any look and to be worn everyday, which requires that each piece has a simple, timeless design. This requires us to find the candid, natural beauty in each stone and metal that we work with. I hand-select each stone, and create minimalistic designs to draw out their individual character.

What is your favorite material to work with?
Gold is the most versatile. Not only that, but it works well with any outfit — you can dress it up or wear it with something casual — and a nice gold piece will last you a lifetime.

Who inspires you? Why?
I draw a bit of inspiration from so many different people in my life. Everyone from fashion and business icons whose stories inspire my work, to my family and friends that encourage me every day!

Describe your workspace.
We recently opened a new multi-use space which doubles as a bright and airy retail showroom in the front and opens up through glass French doors to our creative workshop in the rear. We wanted to design a space which created a unique experience for our clients, where they can see where each and every one of our hand-crafted pieces are made. It is a large, bright and minimal space, which gives the type of light-hearted positive feel that inspires so many of our styles.

What’s the best part of your job?
Jewelry can be a very personal item. Most people can remember exactly when and where they got each piece of jewelry that they own. So, the best part of my job is to see the faces of my clients when they find a piece that really speaks to them, or means something to them personally.

When you’re not designing, you’re…
It may sounds cliché, but I am always designing. Even when not at my jewelry bench, I am always taking in my surroundings and using them to inspire new designs.

Favorite getaway?
Palm Springs! It’s just a few quick hours away from San Diego, which makes it an easy go-to for a quick and relaxing getaway. I love the hot weather and amazing restaurants.

3 things you can’t live without?
Lipstick, Coffee and (sadly to say) my cellphone, which I use to respond to client emails and to sketch designs that randomly come to mind.

What’s next for Lumo?
We are currently putting the final touches on our latest collection of fine, dainty pieces. The new line, much of which is already on display in our retail showroom, will be launching on our website and with our retail partners this fall.

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