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Jaine K. Necklaces at Moondance Jewelry

Meet Jaine K.

We’re excited to share with you more information about the designers we carry here at Moondance. Starting with Jaine K. each month we’ll be asking the designers we love a little more about them and what inspires them.

We hope you’ll get to know them a bit better and understand why we want to share their pieces with you.

Let us introduce our LA local favorite, Jaine K.!

When did you start making jewelry and what first inspired you?

I first started making jewelry in 2012. It was just beads and wire wrapping at first but later I wanted to design and create more personal pieces. That is how I came to design in what’s called “Lost Wax.” It is kind of like sculpting in wax. It gives my pieces a more organic look that I really like.

What inspires you now? 

Nature & history has and always will inspire me. The bark of a tree, the twisting of leaves and flowers. I think nature is the greatest healer and greatest inspiration for me.

History is also very inspiring to me. When I look at art or paintings from the past, it’s really amazing how intricate and detailed they were able to make fine jewelry back then.

What’s your personal favorite piece? Do you have a special story about a particular piece?

My favorite piece is the first ring I ever made. (see the photo below)

Jaine K.’s first, and favorite, piece

It’s a very imperfect and organic-looking piece cast in silver with a labradorite stone. Theres something so magical about labradorites!

How do you like to see your jewelry styled?

I like when I see people mixing the more simple everyday staples, like stud earrings or a signet ring, with something a bit different, like the four leaf diamond ring.

What makes you excited about being represented by Moondance?

I’ve always loved the atmosphere in Moondance. The store is laid out like an art gallery and each designer’s jewelry is showcased like a work of art.

It makes you feel very special to be in that kind of a space.

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