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La Kaiser at Moondance

Meet La Kaiser

We’re so excited to introduce you to the woman behind La Kaiser, Cindy Kaiser. We love sharing her unique, travel-inspired jewelry with all of you, and look forward to sharing more exclusives, like our La Kaiser x Moondance Opal & Diamond Doublet Studs.

La Kaiser Exclusive Studs

When did you start making jewelry and what first inspired you?

I’ve always been a hands on creative type of person & actually studied Creative Jewelry and Metal Design at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. I love the process of designing and creating!! After I finished college in South Africa, I dabbled in the Fashion Industry in Los Angeles for a couple years, but soon realized that my heart was in jewelry and that’s when I started to really focus on creating jewelry and building La Kaiser.

What inspires you now?

I’m inspired by colors and travels. I also like to draw inspiration from current trends and incorporate certain trend inspired elements into my own aesthetic. I love blending the two and keeping each piece simplistic in essence with a touch of contemporary.

What’s your personal favorite piece, do you have a special story about a particular piece?

I personally love the 14kt Opal Caribbean Sunrise Ring. I’ve always been obsessed with opals and still can’t get enough of the magical iridescence that Australian opals have. The Caribbean Sunrise ring has been around for about 3 years or more & every time I wear it, the colors just make me smile!

How do you like to see your jewelry styled?

I love to see La Kaiser jewelry being layered and stacked… that’s ultimately how the pieces are designed to be worn.

La Kaiser Ring Stacks

What makes you excited about being represented by Moondance?

I love everything about Moondances’ aesthetic & I think every single one of my friends in LA knows Moondance as they have such a great reputation for being the go-to jewelry store for unique and fine jewels/gifts and they have an extremely loyal base of clients! I love that La Kaiser can be a part of that ๐Ÿ™‚