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Kanwar Crazy Chain Necklace

Meet Our Designer, Kanwar

It’s time to introduce you to another one of the creative designers we carry here at Moondance Jewelry Gallery. One of the things that sets Kanwar Creations apart is that each of his pieces are one of a kind. Because of this many of his pieces will be found in-store only, so be sure to come in and see what we have, as they aren’t always listed online.

We love his unique gold jewelry designs and know you will too. So read on and learn more about Kanwar Singh and his inspiration for creating such beautiful and unique gold jewelry.

When did you start making jewelry and what first inspired you? 

I started making jewelry in 2004, just as a hobby, making personal pieces for my late wife. One day, without letting me know, she went into a jewelry gallery she used to pass on her way to work every day and asked if they carried designers, and showed them a few of the pieces I had made for her. They were impressed and kept them to sell and when she came home sans earrings and told me what she had done, I was stunned. I had never considered my pieces would be enough to impress a gallery owner, but she believed they were. She let me know that the gallery owner has asked for more pieces, and so I got to work. So I would say my first and my inspiration still would be her; my late wife, Amrit. 

What inspires you now?  

See above 🙂 

What’s your personal favorite piece, do you have a special story about a particular piece?

Because all of my pieces are one of a kind, I tend to have a special connection to each one. A piece that I would consider a signature piece of mine though, would be my “Crazy Chain.” (see image above) It’s essentially a link necklace, but the links are crazy shapes. It is something I came up with in the beginning of my career, and it had a very good reception. I will always look upon these necklaces fondly. 

How do you like to see your jewelry styled?

What I like about our collection is that it really is up to the wearer to meld it to their personal style. Our jewelry is certainly more organic and raw looking than other collections, but it can also bring together a polished outfit in the right context. 

What makes you excited about being represented by Moondance?

Our journey with Moondance is began in 2012. When we were first wanting to be represented by them, we actually lived up in the Bay Area. We drove down on a Saturday (which happened to be my birthday) and met with Moondance’s former owner, Orly. Over time, we were fortunate enough to work with Suzanne, the current owner, and we are so very happy to still be working with her. Her commitment to her clientele and artists alike is unparalleled!