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Meet Shain Leyton

We are so excited to introduce you to Shain Leyton, the designer, founder and CEO of Shain Leyton Jewelry. You can watch and listen to the answers of the questions we asked her, or you can read what she said below.

As another local LA designer, and past-employee of Moondance Jewelry Gallery, we love featuring Shain’s jewelry, and know you’ll love to hear all about what inspires her.

When did you start making jewelry and what first inspired you? 

13 years ago I started working at the cutest jewelry gallery in Santa Monica called Moondance Jewelry Gallery. I was working my way through college, I was 19 years old and didn’t know anything about jewelry. Fast forward and I am now a jewelry designer and I’m honored to be part of the Moondance Team. 

What really inspires me is when jewelry tells a story. I’m obsessed with vintage jewelry. I love that jewelry is a family heirloom that will outlive us, and that has outlived our grandparents and our great-grandparents. I am fascinated by vintage jewelry. When I see vintage jewelry from generations past in a grandchild’s hands I just get so inspired by the stories the jewelry has.

What inspires you now?

What inspires me the most currently, right now is love. I just had my third baby and I am wearing hearts everywhere, there are hearts on my neck, there is her initial right there. I am very inspired by nature, by love and color. Whatever makes you happy. I call my collection the happy collection because butterflies and hearts and flowers and nature, that is what my collection is about.  

butterflies, hearts, flowers and love

What’s your personal favorite piece? Do you have a special story about a particular piece? 

I’m wearing hearts on my neck, ears, and arms! My all-time favorite piece right now is my personalized collection of Diamond names and initials! I wear my three children’s names on my neck and I will never take them off! 

How do you like to see your jewelry styled? 

I love seeing my jewelry worn dressed casual and fancy. Lots of layers and with pops of color is my favorite look.

What makes you excited about being represented by Moondance?

What makes me really excited about working with Moondance Jewelry Gallery and being represented at their store is that’s where my story began 13 years ago. I worked on the sales floor, I was in contact with all of their clients face-to-face. I just felt so much a part of their community. Everything I know and love about jewelry started at Moondance. I love Moondance’s tight knit community, and it is an honor to be one of the designers featured at their gallery!