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  • Designer Spotlight: Sophie Ratner

    Lyuda Kusel

    Posted on March 08 2018

    Designer Spotlight: Sophie Ratner
    We chatted with Sophie Ratner, a New York City jewelry designer who creates pieces for...
  • Designer Spotlight: elle+cie

    Staci Pearlman

    Posted on January 19 2016

    For this month’s Designer Spotlight, we chatted with the lovely ladies behind elle+cie. Founded in 2011, elle+cie has quickly become our go-to line of delicate 14K and 18K jewelry. Perfect for every day, their pieces are best sellers in the shop, so we just couldn’t wait to meet the faces behind the brand. Read on to learn about everything from their design process to their favorite metals to their go-to vacation spots.

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  • Designer Spotlight: Kothari

    Staci Pearlman

    Posted on December 11 2015

    For this month’s designer spotlight, we chatted with Tej Kothari, the man behind this clean, modern, and ultra-inspiring line of jewelry. Designed for beauty, balance, and wearability, all Kothari pieces are hand-selected, custom-cut, and crafted with meticulous detail. Read on to learn more about Tej’s creative process, favorite vacation spots, and more.

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  • Designer Spotlight: Ariel Gordon

    Staci Pearlman

    Posted on November 17 2015

    Designer Spotlight: Ariel Gordon

    Handmade in Los Angeles, Ariel Gordon Jewelry consists of highly personal pieces designed to be worn together and collected overtime. Worn by beauties such as Miranda Kerr, Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez and Jessica Alba, Gordon’s pieces focus on the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

    We were lucky enough to chat with the designer herself about everything from how to keep necklaces from tangling to her creative process to her favorite wine. Read on, and prepare to get inspired.

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  • Designer Spotlight: Lionette

    Staci Pearlman

    Posted on October 27 2015

    We had the chance to chat with Noa Sade and Vanessa Lee, best friends and owners of
    Lionette. Born in 2009 with a vision of creating a brand and collection that was both glamorous and unique, Lionette’s pieces are perfect for daytime, nighttime, and everything in between.

    Read on to see what these inspiring ladies had to say about everything from this season’s hottest trends to their creative process to their go-to vacation spots.

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