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Nature Inspired Jewelry We Love for Earth Day

Earth Day is Everyday with Nature Inspired Jewelry

We may only celebrate Earth Day once a year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be more thoughtful and intentional in our daily lives.

Together we can leave the world better than we found it.  

One of the ways we love celebrating the earth is by wearing blue and green jewelry. Looking at the earth from outer space you see how blue and green our planet is, wearing it is a small daily reminder to help keep it that way.

But, no matter how you choose to honor the Earth—whether it’s a blue stone, green gem, butterfly, flower, or mushroom—remember there are small things you can do everyday.  

Nature Inspired in All We Do

Together we can keep our beaches and parks clean by picking up litter we see. My sister-in-law told me she keeps a garbage back in her trunk. When she brings the kids to the park, they pull it out and pick up before or after they play. They do the same thing when they go to the beach as well.

Her friend even organized a project to gather as a community to keep it clean. See? We can make a difference!

Let’s Celebrate the Earth Together with Nature Inspired Jewelry

With so much natural beauty there is so much to celebrate. Here are some of our favorite Nature Inspired pieces to wear. Select your favorite and wear it to remind you that you can make a difference in our community!

Our Favorite Nature Inspired Jewelry Pieces

  • Turquoise Bar Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold

    Turquoise Bar Bracelet

  • Mickey Lynn Turquoise Ombre Necklace

    Turquoise Ombre Necklace

  • Leone Emerald Necklace

    Leone Emerald Necklace

  • Turquoise Bar Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold

    Turquoise Bar Necklace

  • Emerald Heart Necklace by Rachel Reid at Moondance Jewelry Gallery

    Emerald Heart Necklace

  • Emerald Round Bezel by the Yard Chain

    Emerald Round Bezel by the Yard Chain

  • Petite Mother of Pearl Mushroom Necklace from the Moondance Collection

    Petite Mother of Pearl Mushroom Necklace

  • Double Halo Emerald Heart Necklace from Moondance Collection

    Double Halo Emerald Necklace

  • Forever Rose Studs

    Forever Rose Studs

  • My Forever Sweet Rose Pendant

  • Pink Opal Mushroom Pendant by Shain Leyton Jewelry only at Moondance Jewelry

    Pink Opal Mushroom Pendant

  • Diamond Leaf Necklace


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