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3 Different Sets of Huggies Earrings on Ear - All available at Moondance Jewelry Gallery

I Want Those Huggie Earrings

Don’t you love getting a compliment for something you really love? That’s how I felt when I received a compliment on my huggie earrings from Moondance Jewelry Gallery last week.

I was at my child’s school and the secretary said, “I can’t stop looking at your earrings! Where did you get them!?”

Moondance Jewelry Gallery,” I said.

About a week later I got a text from her, “Can you tell me which Huggie earrings you have? I can’t stop thinking about them!”

Earrings You’ll Love

I figured if she was loving them, you may want them too. I love wearing them because they are simple, can be dressed up or down, or one can be swapped out for something else.

These Huggies are perfect as a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself. And you can shop all our available Huggies if you’re looking to add something different (maybe black diamonds instead?!).

My Go-To Huggie Earrings

  • Yellow Gold Pave Huggies available at Moondance Jewelry Gallery

    Pave Huggies

  • Simple Yellow Gold Huggies

    Simple Huggies


Perfect Earrings That Compliment My Huggies

I pulled together a couple of my favorite earrings that I swap out depending on where I’m going. Which ones are your favorite?

  • Trio Diamond Ear Climbers in Yellow Gold

    Trio Diamond Ear Climbers

  • Black Diamond Square Huggies by Rachel Reid at Moondance Jewelry Gallery

    Black Diamond Square Huggies

  • Lizzie Fortunato Tile Earrings in Denim

    Tile Earrings

  • Mini Turquoise and Diamond Duo Studs

    Mini Turquoise and Diamond Duo Studs

  • Baby Chime Earring in Yellow Gold

    Baby Chime Earring

  • Jack & G Chime Hoop Earring

    Chime Hoop

  • Diamond Chime Earring

  • 2 Row Pave Huggies in Yellow Gold

    2-Row Pave Huggies


Huggie Earrings for Every Ear

Whether you have one hole, or multiple, Moondance Jewelry Gallery has the perfect huggies (or non-huggies if they aren’t your thing) for your ear. Our store is available to shop online 24/7, or you can visit us on Montana Ave in Santa Monica Tuesday – Sunday. We’d love to help you find the perfect pair of earrings for your ear – ones that get you the compliment. Because, we all could use a little feel-good moment in our day, couldn’t we?